About Aquarius Systems

About Aquarius Systems

Aquarius Systems has been continuously manufacturing Aquatic Weed Harvesters since our founding in 1964. Since then we have engineered and built more than 1,000 machines that have been sold across the United States and to more than 40 countries worldwide.
Aquatic weed harvesters are designed to cut and remove aquatic vegetation from lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and marinas. The process is often used in conjuction with, or in place of, aquatic herbicide treatment. Weed harvesting does not kill the vegetation; instead it cuts and removes it from the water to open the space up for transportation and navigation.

We are often imitated, but never duplicated! As the world leader of this niche industry, Aquarius Systems holds the longest and strongest track record of success, bar none!

Aquatic Weed Harvesters

Aquatic Weed Harvester

Aquarius Systems’ mission is to focus on our Customers. We communicate openly, produce high quality products, take pride in our work, and are creative problem solvers. We work as a team both in the office and with our customers in a warm and friendly environment.

Along with Aquatic Weed Harvesters Aquarius produces a complete array of support equipment like transport barges, unloading conveyors, and trailers. We solve a variety of surface water problems with other machines we build, including a Marine Trash Skimmer, Amphibious Excavator, Canal Cleaning Boat, and the patented Swamp Devil Aquatic Vegetation Shredder.

Aquarius Systems Amphibious Excavator

Amphibious Excavator

Aquarius Systems Swamp Devil
Aquatic Vegetation Cutter
Floating Debris Skimmer Boat

Debris Skimmer


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